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Mitsubishi CNC

Solution for Laser machine

Consists of:

  • CNC Series: M700VW, M800W
  • PRO-MMI Standard
  • PRO-MMI Option: CAD/CAM-Laser Module

Control unit:

Mitsubishi CNC is a state-of-the-art model that provides high-speed and high-accuracy machining and advanced control technologies. Mitsubishi Electric Factory Automation technologies are condensed into a 64 bit RISC processor and an exclusively developed high speed LSI. The basic CNC functions, built-in PLC and graphic performance are all improved.

The best machines for top level manufacturing. See here for more details.


PRO-AppDesigner: App-Generator for Desktop, Tablet and Smartphone. Running on Android, iOS and Windows 10.

PRO-MMI Standard:

Human-Machine Interface


  • Automatic, Manual
  • Jog, Step, MDI, Ref
  • NC-Editor
  • I/O Functions
  • Common Variable
  • Reload
  • Fully customizable
  • ...

PRO-MMI Option:

CAD/CAM-Laser Module


  • Standard: Import DXF/DWG
  • Option: IGS, STL, HPGL, ESSI ...
  • Drawing Objects: Line, Circle, Arc, Polyline, Hatch, Barcode ...
  • Modify: Move, Rotate, Scale, Trim, Break, Erase, Mirror ...
  • Leadins, Leadouts,
  • Contour Tracing
  • Loops, Bridges
  • Copy XY, True Shape Nesting

Also available as a standalone offline CAD/CAM-programming system